Designed for children of all ages, Science Made Fun Qatar provides hands-on, FUN sizzlin science parties where each child becomes a REAL scientist performing REAL experiments!

Our science parties combine the most exciting experiments to create FUN science memories that will last a lifetime.

Rest assured that the Scientist who comes into your home or party location is a professional educator who works year round fueling the imaginations of children in your local area schools.

Party Packages Include:
• A scientist that comes to your party location.
• A fun-filled, fast paced 60-75-minute science adventure.
• All science supplies and materials.
• Participation for the birthday child and up to 14 of his/her friends.
(Extra fee for each additional child).
• Take-home experiments for each child.
• Science certificate of participation for each child.
• Special science gift for the birthday child.

Birthday Party Themes

#1 Super Science Party
Including Space Mud, Gummy Blobs, Ice Fishing, Volcano Eruptions and Geysers!

#2 Hair Raising Party
Including Space Mud, Volcano Eruptions, Gummy Blobs & Hair Raising!

#3 Panning For Gems Party
Including Panning for Gemstones & Shark's Teeth, Space Mud, Volcano Eruptions and Gummy Blobs!

#4 Crazy Chemistry Party
Including Slime, Space Mud, Ice Cube Fishing, and Super Absorbent Powder!

#6 Alien Space Blast Party
Including Human Gyroscopes, Alien Slime, Space Mud, Rocket Launch and Astronaut Freeze-dried Ice Cream!

Exciting extras to add to any party package:
• Rocket Launch
• Hair Raising Machine
• Panning for Gems
• Birthday Party "Goody Bag"

Reservations are required. Contact our office to learn more.
Phone: 3399 6665
Reserve online

Science Made Fun Qatar is also available to provide hands-on, science FUN for private parties, company picnics, special events, holidays, camps and corporate events.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: What time will the Scientist arrive?

A: Our Scientist will arrive shortly before the party. The set-up time for our party is minimal and only takes 5-10 minutes.

Q: What about my adult guests?

A: We love parents and encourage them to attend. However, you may want to have an area for them to socialize. When the parents crowd around the tables, it is distracting to the children and difficult for our Scientist to conduct the planned activities.
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Motivate children to investigate the natural wonders of science!

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